Monday, June 09, 2008

Community involvement and leadership?

The weather in mid-Michigan this weekend past was severe, with power outages beginning on Friday evening, more severe storms on Saturday night, and a howling storm Sunday afternoon that knocked out even more local power, including ours. It turns out, there was a tornado, but no sirens. Much cleanup needed around town, and there was even a local fatality. But, where is the team?

The weather and its outcomes caused it to occur to me that if the local wrestling team -- of which I was not recently chosen as coach -- had a semblance of insight, common sense and decency, and leadership, there would have been an organized effort at assisting the city in the cleanup. It occurred to me that sending out squads of 6 wrestlers with an adult -- to ensure safety from downed power lines or tangled tree limbs, and to lend credibility -- to clean up the hard hit neighborhoods would have been a terrific endeavor. How much goodwill would have been created with folks overwhelmed by damage to their homes, and their power out, especially the more senior residents? How much would the athletes learn about community and service by contributing to the recovery of their own town? Perhaps, even, a wrestling t-shirt donation to cement the relationship and goodwill. Alas, the coaching decision was made, and no such leadership or acts took place.

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